Tachometer RPM Gauge 80MM/7 Colors

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This tachometer rpm gauge will help you keep an eye on your engine while driving. The large 80mm dial is made of durable ABS and steel with a glass lens, keeping an eye on your revs easy. The high speed stepping motor responds quickly to changes in rpm and the 7 color options mean you'll always be able to read the gauge clearly. The peak warning feature alerts you if your engine exceeds the recommended rpm and the shift light helps you change gears at the optimum time. Whether you have a one cylinder dirt bike or an 8 cylinder muscle car, this gauge fits 12v gasoline engines and mounts easily on your dashboard or steering column.



LED illumination:
The gauge dial is invisible while the ignition switch is off. Once the ignition switch is turned on, a clear
display appears by colored LED illumination
The gauge dial illumination and the red emitting needle pointer provide high visibility
Opening and closing modes:
The gauge dial and the needle pointer performs opening and closing modes interlocked with turning
ON/OFF of the ignition
Adjustable color:
Choose the color of backlights according to personal preference. 7 colors are available
Dual warmings of light and buzzer:
Two customer-defined warning RPMs can be set. When the Rpms are exceeded, the warning LED
blinks/ lights up and the warning buzzer sounds
Exclusive large-sized indicator:
The exclusive large-sized indicator which lights in green and red enhances the visibility of warnings in
addition to the warning LEd in the gauge
Peak memory function:
The maximum RPM during driving can be stored and checked later
Detachable switch unit:
The large-sized switch unit with light is fixable on the gauge and is also detachable
Exclusive mounting band and back case:
The gauge is clinched by using the exclusive mounting band and back case. Wires can be stored in
the back case neatly



All 12V,1-8 cylinder and gasoline car.


Package Include:

1 × 80MM Tachometer Gauge 
1 × Shift Light
1 × Mounting Bracket
1 × Meter Cup
1 × Installation Manual


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