MaXpeedingrods Turbocharger Kit w/Wastegate for K20

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Turbocharged cars are all the rage now, but there's one problem: they're not cheap. Luckily, MaXpeedingrods Turbocharger kits are! Putting our turbo on your car will give it that added power that is so desired. And with our turbocharger kits also including a wastegate, your car will have much better control over its temperature and pressure.


For Acura RSX K20 2002-2006
For Honda CIVIC SI K20 2002-2005


1 x T3/T4 Turbo Charger: 
Compressor Inlet Diameter: 72mm(2.8")
Compressor Outlet Diameter: 53mm(2")
Oil Inlet: 1/8 NPT
Exhaust Inlet (Turbo Manifold) Flange: T3 T4 4 bolt Flange Patterns
Exhaust Outlet (Downpipe) Flange: 5 bolt Flange
Turbine Trim: 74.2
Turbine Inducer Diameter: 64.8 mm
Turbine Exd Diameter: 55.8mm
Turbine A/R: 0.63
Compressor Trim: 48.1
Compressor Inducer Diameter: 52.7mm
Compressor Exd Diameter: 76 mm
Compressor A/R: 0.5
Bearing: Wet Float Bearing
Turbocharger Overall size: 270*220*220 
1 x Intercooler: Size 27'' x 7'' x 2.5'' inch. Inlet size is 2.5 inch. 
Support up to 350 HP for this small intercooler size - tube and fin style .
Intercooler core size: Full size: 30.5”x 12”x3.0”. Inlet/Outlet: 2.5” * Core size: 24”x 12”x 3.0”
1 x Universal turbo intercooler piping kit:  
 * 2 x Straight Aluminum Pipe
 * 2 x 45°Aluminum Pipe
 * 2 x 75°Aluminum Pipe
 * 2 x 90°Aluminum Pipe
 * 6 x 2.5" Straight Silicon Hose (Blue)
 * 2 x 2.5" 90 Degree Hose (Blue)
 * 16 x 2.5" Stainless Steel T-Clamp
1 x Type-S Blow Off Valve: CNC Billet Aluminum Type RS Style Blow off Valve and 2.5" Inch Type S/Rs Flange Pipe. 25PSi Boost! Can hold up to 1000+ HP.
1 x 35/38MM Wastegate: 35/38mm External Waste Gate Kit
1 x Turbo Boost Controller: Up To 30 Psi Boost
1 x Turbo Oil Return / Feeding Line Kit: Turbo Oil Feed + Return Drain Line Kit Combo. It helps circulate oil from the turbo charger to the oil pan. The kit provides a anodized look, and gives a best cooling performance on your turbo and long lasting life.
Material: Stainless Steel Braided
1x 5 Blot Turbo Downpipe Flange: 2.5" t3/t4 5-bolt stainless steel TIG welded downpipe Flange. 
1x Fuel Pump:255 LPH Flow Rate
1x Fuel Pressure Regulator: Adjustable 0-140 PSI(0-10kg/cm) for maximum fuel pump capacity
1x TURBOTIMER: Made of high quality
1x Turbo Manifold:38mm/ 35mm External Wastegate Port and Flange Included Standard T3 or T3/ T4 Hybrid Configuration Outlet

Package List:

1x T3/T4 Turbocharger
1x manifold
1x intercooler 
1x intercooler pipe
1x waste gate 
1x box
1x Boost controller 
1x oil return / feed line 
1x oil pump
1x Fuel Pressure Regulator
1x 5 Blot Turbo Downpipe Flange

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