Turbo Kit for Toyota Scion 08-11

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Buckle up, speed demon - the TunerGenix Turbo Kit is about to turn your Scion xB into a rocket on wheels. This complete T3/T4 setup packs a punch, with an oversized intercooler to keep temps down and a beefy hybrid turbocharger capable of 25-35 PSI of pure, unadulterated boost. The cast iron manifold bolts right on, unleashing 10-15 extra horses for a total performance output that'll leave your competition eating your dust. Whether you're a weekend warrior or a diehard gearhead, this turbo kit has the goods to transform your ride into a mean, green, turbocharged machine. So strap in, punch the gas, and enjoy the rush - with the TunerGenix Turbo Kit, the only speed limit is your own.


  • 2009-2010 Toyota Corolla XRS Sedan 4D 2.4L DOHC
  • 2009-2010 Toyota Matrix S Wagon 4D 2.4L DOHC
  • 2009-2010 Toyota Matrix  XRS Wagon 4D 2.4L DOHC
  • 2008-2011 Scion xB Base Wagon 5D 2.4L DOHC
  • 2008 Toyota Solara SE Convertible 2D 2.4L DOHC
  • 2008 Toyota Solara SLE Convertible 2D 2.4L DOHC
  • 2008 Toyota Solara Sport Convertible 2D 2.4L DOHC
  • 2007-2008  Scion tC Spec Coupe 2D 2.4L DOHC
  • 2007-2008  Toyota Camry CE Sedan 4D 2.4L DOHC
  • 2006-2007  Toyota Highlander Base Sport Utility 4D 2.4L DOHC
  • 2006-2008  Toyota RAV4 Limited Sport Utility 4D 2.4L DOHC
  • 2006  2008 Toyota Solara SE Coupe 2D 2.4L DOHC
  • 2006 Toyota Solara SE Sport Coupe 2D 2.4L DOHC
  • 2006  2008 Toyota Solara SLE Coupe 2D 2.4L DOHC
  • 2005-2010  Scion tC BAse Coupe 2D 2.4L DOHC
  • 2005 2006 2009 Toyota Camry Base Sedan 4D 2.4L DOHC 2.4L DOH C2.4L DOHC 2.4L DOHC
  • 2005 Toyota RAV4 L Sport Utility 4D 2.4L DOHC
  • 2005-2008   Toyota RAV4 Sport Sport Utility 4D 2.4L DOHC
  • 2004-2008   Toyota RAV4 Base Sport Utility 4D 2.4L DOHC 
  • 2002-2009   Toyota Camry LE Sedan 4D 2.4L DOHC
  • 2002-2009   Toyota Camry SE Sedan 4D 2.4L DOHC
  • 2002-2009    Toyota Camry XLE Sedan 4D 2.4L DOHC Sport Utility 4D 2.4L DOHC



  • Coresize 21"X7"X2.25"
  • 2.5" Inlet and Outlet
  • Tested to withstand more than 80 PSI Pressure
  • 150-350 Degree Temperature Drop
  • Turbocharger T3/T4
  • 3" Inlet and 2" Outlet
  • Hybrid Journal Bearing
  • Oil Cooling
  • 450 HP
  • M10X1.25
  • T3 Flange
  • 0.50 A/R Compressor Wheel (Cold Side)
  • EXD: 3" (73.55MM)
  • IND: 1.99" (57.75MM) 
  • Trim 44
  • 0.63 A/R Turbine Wheel (Hot Side)
  • EXD: 2.2" (75.46MM)
  • IND 2.56" (52.76mm)
  • Trim 73
  • 5 Bolt Standard Hot Side
  • 25-35 PSI Peak Power Performance Output Capability
  • 9 Sections of 2.5" Polished Aluminum Piping
  • 2.5" ID increase More Airflow.
  • 8 Reinforced Blue Silicone Hose
    2* 90 Couplers
    6 Straight Couplers
  • 16* 3" Stainless T-Bolt Clamps
  • 2.5" U Bends
  • Cast Iron Turbo Manifold
  • Direct Bolt on
  • Great for Increase HP, Improve More Air Flow, Gain 10-15HP
  • T3 Turbo Flange fits T3 or T3/T4 Turbocharger
  • 38mm External Wastegate
  • EMUSA 38MM Adjustable Wastegate
  • Adjustable,4/6/8/10 PSI
  • High Polish Finish
  • CNC Machined
  • Proven Accuracy
  • 38mm Wastegate Elbow Pipe
  • SSQV Blow off Valve
  • Made of High Quality CNC Billet Aluminum 
  • Comes with O-Ring and hardwares
  • 2.5" Blow off Valve Adapter
  • Turbo Smart Style Manual Boost Controller 1-30 PSI Adjustable
  • Fuel Regulator, Adjustable (1-15PSI) to Max 140
  • Oil Return Line & Oil Feed Line
  • 5" 4 in 1 CARBON Tachometer w/ OT WT OP Tach Shift LT.*11k RPM Type R Impreza RS
  • Operates on standard, factory electronic and high performance electronic racing ignitions-works for 4, 6, 8 cylinder engine only
  • Adjustable shift light light up in red
  • Additional Oil Pressure, Water Temp, OIl Temp Gauges
  • Unit: in Standard, PSI, and C
  • Comes with all necessary sensor units
  • Adjustable shift light light up in red


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