Stainless Steel Y-Pipe for Nissan GTR 3.8T 09-15

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This stainless steel Y-pipe from TunerGenix unleashes the true roar of your Nissan GTR 3. T's VR38DET V6 engine. Made from durable stainless steel to last for years, this Y-pipe replaces the factory exhaust split pipe to give your GTR's exhaust note a more aggressive, sporty tone. By splitting the exhaust into two separate pipes that merge into a single outlet, the Y-pipe design reduces exhaust back pressure, allowing unrestricted exhaust gas flow for increased horsepower and torque. Whether you want a louder exhaust note at idle and during acceleration or you're chasing more power from your VR38DET, this Y-pipe provides the perfect foundation for your exhaust modifications. Installation is simple and quick, allowing you to get back to enjoying your GTR's upgraded performance in no time.



09-15 Premium coupe 2D 3.8 tons
09-10 Coupe 2D 3.8t
12-15 Coupe 2D 3.8t
14-15 Coupe 2D 3.8t
Only for 3.8L 3799cc V6 gas DOHC turbocharged engine

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