Performance Showdown: Lowering Springs vs. Coilovers

Performance Showdown: Lowering Springs vs. Coilovers

You're the type who lives for the thrill of the open road. The feel of the wheel in your hands, the roar of the engine - pure bliss. But there's always room for improvement when it comes to handling and performance. You've been thinking about lowering your ride for that sleek, planted look and razor-sharp response. Springs or coilovers? It's time to settle this debate once and for all. We're taking the guesswork out and settling the score. Get ready for an epic showdown as we dive into the nitty gritty on lowering springs versus coilovers. You'll have the facts to decide which upgrade is right to unleash the true potential of your machine. Let's do this!

What Are Lowering Springs?

Lowering springs are coils that replace your stock springs to drop your ride height for a sportier stance and performance. They lower the center of gravity so there's less body roll in corners. ### Increased Performance

With lowering springs, your car will handle corners like a champ. Less body roll means you can take turns faster without feeling like you'll flip over! The stiffer spring rates also mean less bouncing and bottoming out. You'll feel glued to the road.

A Slammed Look

Lowering springs drop your car 1 to 3 inches typically, giving you that lowered, slammed look that's popular in the tuner scene. Your car will look like it's ready to hug the pavement! People will definitely notice your sweet new stance.

An Affordable Modification

Compared to coilovers, lowering springs are an affordable way to drop your ride and improve handling. You can pick up a set for a few hundred bucks usually. If you're on a budget but want to spice up your ride, lowering springs are a great first step.

Easy Installation

The best part about lowering springs is you can install them yourself in your garage with basic tools. No need to pay a shop to do it. Swap out your stock springs, adjust the alignment, and you'll be riding low in no time!

Lowering springs offer an easy, budget-friendly way to drop your car, increase performance, and get that perfect slammed look. Your car will handle like a dream and turn heads everywhere you go. What are you waiting for? Get that low, mean stance today with a set of lowering springs!

What Are Coilovers?

Coilovers are adjustable suspension systems that provide a smooth, customizable ride. If you're looking to seriously upgrade your vehicle's handling and stance, coilovers are the way to go.

Unparalleled Adjustability

Coilovers give you control over ride height, spring rate, and shock damping, allowing you to perfectly dial in your vehicle's suspension for your needs. Want to slam your ride for a aggressive stance? Coilovers have you covered. Need to raise it up to clear obstacles? No problem. The options for adjustment are nearly endless.

Superior Performance

Coilovers utilize high-performance shocks and springs designed specifically for your vehicle, providing tighter handling, less body roll, and a sportier feel than stock suspension. Shorter, stiffer springs and adjustable shocks give you the ability to transform your vehicle's dynamics.

Built to Last

Most quality coilovers are built with durable, rust-resistant materials and are fully rebuildable, so you can enjoy them for years to come. Steel or aluminum housings, chrome-plated pistons, and high-temperature seals allow coilovers to withstand harsh road conditions and high performance driving.

The Looks to Match the Performance

In addition to improving handling, coilovers give your vehicle an aggressive stance by lowering the ride height. Whether you want a subtle drop or all-out slam, coilovers can achieve the perfect lowered look to match the enhanced performance. Your vehicle will handle like a race car and look the part too!

If maximum adjustability, track-ready handling, and a head-turning stance are what you're after, coilovers are the ultimate suspension upgrade. Once installed, you'll wonder how you ever drove without them. Your vehicle will never handle or look the same again!

Lowering Springs vs. Coilovers: Key Differences


If cost is a concern, lowering springs are more budget-friendly. They typically range from $200 to $500, depending on the drop and spring rate. Coilovers start around $500 and can go up to $3,000 or more for high-end systems. While coilovers are more expensive up front, many enthusiasts find the handling and adjustability benefits to be well worth the investment.


Coilovers give you the flexibility to adjust your ride height to your heart's content. Want to go low for a show but raise it up for daily driving? No problem. Coilovers make it easy to find the perfect stance for any occasion. Lowering springs, on the other hand, provide a static drop—once they're installed, your ride height is fixed.


Coilovers also have a handling advantage thanks to adjustable dampening. By changing the damper settings, you can customize how rigid or smooth your ride is. Stiffer settings improve cornering and handling precision, while softer settings provide a more comfortable ride. Lowering springs rely on your stock shocks, so they can't achieve the same level of handling performance as a dialed-in set of coilovers.


Both lowering springs and coilovers require removing your stock suspension components, but coilovers tend to be more difficult to install. They involve replacing your shocks in addition to the springs, so it can take longer and requires ensuring the damper settings are properly tuned for your needs. Lowering springs simply replace the stock springs, so installation may be slightly less complex.

When it comes down to it, coilovers are really the ultimate solution if performance and stance adjustability are priorities. But for a simple drop on a budget, lowering springs can absolutely get the job done and transform how your car looks. The choice comes down to how much you're willing to spend and how much control you want over your suspension setup. Either way, dropping your ride is guaranteed to turn heads!

Ride Quality - Which Performs Better?

When it comes to how your ride feels, coilovers are hands-down the performance kings. ### Smooth Operator

Coilovers give you a silky smooth ride with minimal body roll or bounce. By allowing you to fine-tune the spring rates and damping, you can achieve a perfect balance of responsiveness and comfort. Say goodbye to that jittery, crashy feeling you get with some lowering springs - coilovers provide a cushy, cloud-like quality even at an aggressive drop.

Bump? What Bump?

With coilovers, small imperfections in the road simply melt away. Their adjustable damping gives you complete control over how much of the road you feel, allowing you to soften bumps and imperfections for a magic carpet ride. Lowering springs, on the other hand, typically result in a 10-15% firmer, harsher ride. While performance-oriented, the decreased wheel travel can translate into a choppy, uncomfortable ride.

Handling Nirvana

In addition to a supple ride, coilovers also provide laser-sharp handling. Their adjustable damping and spring rates allow you to fine-tune the suspension for your vehicle and driving style. This means you can experience balanced, neutral cornering, reduced body roll, and improved turn-in. Lowering springs alone may give you a drop, but handling often suffers without the proper damping - you'll likely experience understeer, oversteer, and sloppy turns.

For the ultimate blend of performance and comfort, coilovers are the clear choice. While more expensive up front, their unmatched adjustability and customization allow you to craft a suspension that's tailored to your needs. The result is a dramatic drop with a plush, luxury ride and slot-car handling. Compared to basic lowering springs, coilovers are really in a class by themselves!

Performance & Handling Comparison

When it comes to performance upgrades, lowering your ride is one of the best ways to improve handling and cornering. Two popular options for dropping your car are lowering springs and coilovers. Both will get your ride hugging the pavement, but coilovers are the clear winner if maximum performance is your goal.

Unparalleled Adjustability

Coilovers give you unrivaled flexibility to dial in your suspension. You can adjust ride height, spring stiffness, shock damping, and rebound to your exact preferences. Lowering springs only allow changes to ride height. If you want a suspension tailored to your driving style, coilovers are the way to go.

Sharper Handling

Coilovers provide a wider range of suspension travel so you'll experience sharper turn-in, better control in corners, and more responsive steering. Lowering springs can actually hurt handling depending on the spring and your car's suspension design. For the best handling upgrade, coilovers are your best option.

Lower Lows

If you want to get really low, coilovers drop up to 65mm compared to only 45mm for most lowering springs. Slam your ride all the way down for an aggressive stance or just slightly lower for a subtle enhancement. Either way, coilovers give you the flexibility to find your perfect drop.

While coilovers typically cost more upfront, their unparalleled performance and versatility make them worth the investment for any driving enthusiast. If you want your car to handle like it's on rails, coilovers are the ultimate upgrade. Lowering springs can be a good budget-friendly option, but for max performance coilovers reign supreme. When it comes to suspension, coilovers are absolutely worth their weight in gold.

Installation & Adjustability

Hit the Ground Running

Coilovers are the clear winner when it comes to adjustability. Once installed, you have full control over how low you want to go. Crank those adjustable spring perches and damper sleeves to instantly transform your ride height. Drop it an inch, drop it three inches, drop it ALL the way—the choice is yours!

Lowering springs, on the other hand, provide a static drop with no room for adjustment. You’re stuck with whatever drop the springs are spec’d for, so you better choose wisely. If you end up wanting to go lower (or higher) down the road, you’ll need a whole new set of springs. With coilovers, simply spin the perches to your heart’s content.

Fine-Tune Your Ride

Coilovers also give you control over damping and rebound, allowing you to customize your suspension for the perfect balance of comfort and handling. Softer damping provides a cushier ride for cruising, while stiffer settings offer track-ready performance. Find the ideal setup for your needs and driving style.

Lowering springs, however, rely on your stock dampers and offer no adjustability. You’re stuck with whatever damping and rebound your factory struts provide. For many, this can result in a bouncy, uneven ride after lowering. Coilovers give you the tools to remedy that.

All or Nothing

When it comes to installation, coilovers are typically more labor-intensive since they replace your entire suspension system. Lowering springs are easier to install as a direct replacement for your stock springs. However, if your stock struts or shocks need replacement, coilovers become the better overall option.

While coilovers command a higher upfront cost, their adjustability and performance provide more bang for your buck. For weekend warriors and track junkies alike, coilovers are worth every penny. Lowering springs may save you some cash, but you miss out on customization and risk ending up with a bouncy, unbalanced ride. When it comes to suspension, go big or go home!

Costs - Which Is More Affordable?

Lowering springs are incredibly budget-friendly, my friend! You can snag a quality set for between $100 to $300—now that’s a steal. ###Coilovers, on the other hand, will set you back $300 at a minimum, and high-performance models can cost $5,000 or more. Yowza!

If cost is a concern (and let’s face it, for most of us it is!), lowering springs simply can’t be beat. You get an aggressive stance for a fraction of the price. Pair them with a set of shocks and you’ve got a complete suspension overhaul for the cost of just coilovers alone. How’s that for affordable performance?

Of course, coilover suspensions do provide a higher level of adjustability and handling for those willing to pay the premium. For many drivers though, lowering springs offer the perfect blend of improved looks and performance at a budget-friendly price point. ###Either way you go, your ride will be looking and handling better in no time without breaking the bank!

While coilovers may seem tempting with their shiny adjustability and tuning potential, for most casual enthusiasts on a budget, lowering springs simply make more financial sense. They provide an easy, affordable way to instantly transform your vehicle's stance and handling. ### And if you do get the itch to tweak and tune in the future, you can always upgrade to coilovers down the road once you’ve saved up more cash. The choice is yours!

In the end, whether you choose lowering springs or coilovers comes down to how much you’re willing to spend and how adjustable you want your setup to be. Either way, your ride height will drop and handling will improve dramatically. Lowering springs provide maximum value, while coilovers cater to serious performance junkies. Both options are budget-friendly, so you really can’t go wrong! Why not start with springs to drop your ride for cheap, then upgrade to coilovers later if you want more adjustability? Your bank account will thank you.

Which Offers Better Value for Your Performance Goals?

If maximum performance is your goal, coilovers are hands down the best choice. Coilovers give you way more control over how your ride handles compared to basic lowering springs. You can fine tune the stiffness and drop height to get your vehicle handling exactly how you want it.

Coilovers typically provide a smoother ride at lower heights compared to lowering springs. This means you'll have a blast blasting through twisty roads without feeling every little bump. Coilovers also usually allow for a lower drop overall compared to lowering springs, so you can get that aggressive stance you're after.

The adjustable damping on coilovers means you have control over how firm or soft the ride is. Crank it up for track days and windy backroads, or soften it up for cruising around town. Either way, you'll experience less body roll and better responsiveness. Your vehicle will handle corners with razor sharp precision.

While coilovers do cost more upfront, the performance and versatility they offer provides way more value for your money in the long run. If you have big plans for modding your ride, coilovers should be at the top of your list. Lowering springs simply can't compare when it comes to achieving maximum performance.

Coilovers are really the only choice if you want the best handling and stance for your vehicle. Why settle for an inflexible drop and sloppy handling when you can have the customization and performance of coilovers? Take your ride to the next level and unleash its true potential with a set of high performance coilovers. Your vehicle will transform into a whole new beast!

FAQs on Lowering Springs and Coilovers for Performance

So you want to lower your ride and boost performance, but aren't sure whether to go with lowering springs or coilovers? No worries, we've got you covered! Lowering springs and coilovers are two popular ways to drop your vehicle and improve handling, but they suit different needs and budgets.

Lowering springs will get your vehicle closer to the ground for a mean stance, without breaking the bank. They replace your stock springs to reduce ride height by 1 to 3 inches. While lowering springs can stiffen up your suspension, they won't give you much adjustability. If you're on a budget and just want to go low, lowering springs are a solid choice!

Coilovers are high-performance suspension systems that provide total control over your ride height, shock stiffness, and spring rates. They allow you to fine-tune your suspension for track days or show events. Coilovers typically drop your ride 1 to 5 inches and many are height adjustable for the perfect stance. They also improve handling by reducing body roll in turns. If customization and performance are priorities, coilovers are the way to go!

Have more questions? Here are some common FAQs:

  • Will I have to modify other parts? Maybe - dropping over 2 inches may require control arm, tie rod, or sway bar mods. Check your vehicle specs.

  • Will ride quality suffer? Lowering springs slightly stiffen the ride, coilovers can be tuned for comfort or performance.

  • Do I need an alignment after installing? Yes, any suspension changes require a professional alignment to prevent uneven tire wear.

  • Are these easy to install? Lowering springs can be installed by DIYers with basic tools. Coilovers are more complex and best left to professionals.

  • How long will these last? Most lowering springs and coilovers will last 3 to 5 years, depending on driving conditions and mileage.

Whether you want to tear up the track or just get stance points at shows, lowering springs and coilovers are a fun mod for any enthusiast. Choose the option that fits your needs and budget, then get ready to drop it low!


So there you have it! You now know the key differences between lowering springs and coilovers. While lowering springs are simpler and more affordable, coilovers give you superior adjustability and performance. Ultimately, it comes down to your budget and needs. If you're just looking for a minor drop and improved handling, springs should do the trick. But if you really want to dial in your ride height and handling to perfection, coilovers are the way to go. Either mod will lower your stance and improve cornering, but coilovers let you fully customize your setup. Now that you've got all the info, it's time to decide which one is right for your ride. Get out there and start improving your suspension - your car will look and handle better in no time!


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